He loved a good joke and telling story after story. Please share any memories you have of Jim here.

Thank you and With Love,

Lorene, Jen and Jamie

Guestbook Entries

  • Mary Quist-Newins says:

    Big brother Jim loved to tease his little sister. He would purposely play his banjo during precious cartoon time on Saturday mornings just to annoy me. Very effective. (I mean, Rocky and Bullwinkle were sacrosanct!) He also loved debating politics with me and would often come up with well thought out and sometimes incontrovertible arguments (even when I thought he was wrong 😃).

    He and his fraternity brothers got me (ahem) inebriated for the first time at Dante’s tavern in Seattle. They kept filling my glass with beer so that I had no idea how much I drank, saying “Can’t let a Quist go dry!”

    We had lots of fun growing up and early adulthood in Seattle. Jim was always independent and a leader. We all thought mom loved him best, but it must have been tough being a middle child .One summer, we were on a cross country car trip (imagine 5 kids in the car from Seattle to DC to Toronto to Seattle!). On his birthday, mom and dad forgot him during one of our rest stops only to remember some miles later. Poor kid. Maybe that’s why mom always treated her little Jimmy extra special.

    He had a big heart and a big hug. I Loved it when he called me “sis” and will miss him forever.

    My deepest love and sympathies to Lorene, Jennifer and Jamie. May his memory be a blessing and may you know God’s comfort in the days ahead.

    Peace, Mary

  • Janeen and Jim Mount says:

    Reminiscing about Quisty, Uncle Jim, brother-in-law Jim,
    1. Seattle – We recall first meeting Quisty and he told us he used to have a ponytail and a motorcycle. I bet it was before Lorene days!
    2. Orinda – 1989 Christmas at your house (maybe Grammies) when Quisty picked out the gifts , like that huge and obnoxiously LOUD helicopter toy for Tyler. Thanks ALOT!
    3. Seattle – Quisty was the favorite uncle, he made sure the kids always had fun. He had all four little cousins (Jen, Jamie, Megan and Tyler) in your Mercedes sedan and decided to give them a fast joyride on the steep roller coaster hill by the park. Well, he bottomed out the “oil pan,” leaking a trail of oil from the park and back to our house, leaving a pool of oil in front of our house. The kids sure had fun!
    4. Quisty sang a couple memorable songs that our kids are now singing to their kids! Esp “Little Bunny Fru Fru.” We first heard him sing to Jennifer when she was a baby and then Jamie. And we can’t forget “Banana Split” which you passed on to your kids who then did it to our kids and Inkniw have done with their friend,s kids!
    5. Orinda – Christmas Eve, to “the store” with Jim (Mount) stopped at car dealership, came home with a new Jeep! How many other surprise cars on Christmas Eve?!
    6. Chelan – Bittersweet. The 4 of us (Jim, Lorene, Jim, Janeen) sitting outside at a winery before a summer wedding at Kaki’s, commenting that maybe first time together, just the 4 of us, appreciating relaxing couples time. Vowed to do it more often. Again at Crosswater OR last summer (July 2019), Quisty BBQing in backyard and both Jim’s golfing. (I think your foursome WON the tournament!)
    7. Lake Oswego – Personal favorite – “adult humor” – Grammie, Quisty, Jim, Janeen, Lorene, all in the car at Safeway parking lot. Grammie stayed in front seat while Quisty (in bike shorts maybe?) went in the store with one of us. When he came out he popped a large russet potatoe in to the front of his bike shorts, pointed at it and walked towards us, laughing! Grammie just sat there shaking her head and laughing right along with us. Grammie LOVED her son-in-law.
    8. Portland – will leave the wonderful annual Thanksgiving memories to the rest of the family. So many, starting with his garlic mashed potatoes.

    Hugs and love to Lorene, Jennifer and Jamie. Quisty, we love you and miss you and will do our best to pass on your kindness, generosity and humor.
    Jim and Janeen Mount

  • Patti Christiansen says:

    Jim was an amazing person. He was the most generous person I knew. Loved to tell stories, jokes, etc. Was a great host. When the kids were little, Todd and I would visit either in Sun River or Orinda. Jim always wanted to make sure the kids had a great time. One time while Todd and I were visiting in Sun River, Jim was driving us all over the place. He decided we needed an adventure and decided to go 4 wheeling down a very large hill with trees everywhere. Lorene, the kids and I decided to get out and walk down the hill. We were afraid we might crash into a tree. I have great memories of doing things with Jim and Lorene over the last 50 years. Jim, gone too soon. You will be missed by thousands. Love, prayers and hugs to Lorene, Jen and Jamie.

  • Sharon Soames says:

    It’s not surprising to me to hear about the “worldwide adventures of Jim Quist” and accolades from his family and friends of his fun-loving, engaging spirit.
    I interacted with Jim as one of my church and cheerleading buddies. He always wore his wide grin and treated us with his jovial personality. He was trained well by his Christian parents to be a man of right living and honor. Wish I could have kept him as a constant friend but we went different ways after high school. So sorry for those who have lost him in person. May his spirit remain in you as you retain happy memories of him, a God-honoring man. My maiden name was Newquist. My Dad, who was their pastor at West Side Presbterian, always used to tease that they were the old Quists and we were the new since we arrived there in West Seattle after them. Glad we had the opportunity to get to spend time with Jim and family.

  • Christina Aiken-Drake ~Christy says:

    Jim was a good friend throughout my youth. We had fun at West Side Presbyterian Church. His folks had been missionaries in China and his mom taught Sunday School
    I can remember a couple antics of Jimmie that you will hav to ask me about privately. We all had a lot of great times together on hikes at summer camp and in H.S.’
    Rest In Peace dear friend!

  • Steve Stahle says:

    Family gatherings on Christmas Eve Easter Fourth of July Mother’s Day Father’s Day everyone’s birthday bridge nights backyard barbecues all very fond memories. Trips to the ranch in Bend Oregon playing golf at cross water fishing on the pond in the back of their house. Fishing trips to the Deshutes River in Oregon the Missouri River in Montana the wood and lost river and Silver Creek in Sunvalley. In California trips to Old Greenwood and the Truckee and little Truckee River. So many fond and wonderful memories. Jim will never be forgotten. He was a wonderful friend.

  • Mark Johnson says:

    What can I say, but Quisty was a one-of-a-kind guy. GREAT sense of humor, always had a joke and a smile on his face.

    I have wonderful memories of our time at the Sigma Nu house and a life-time of memories of our friendship. GREAT GUY!!!!

    His love and support for his family was incredible.

    He will be terribly missed. I will continue to pray for him and his family.


  • Bill Schmicker says:

    Hello All
    While I’ve known Jim for quite a few years, we really bonded on our two fishing trips to Chile and British Columbia in 2017. In those settings, I observed Jim in his celebrated role as master of ceremonies as he regaled fellow fishermen with tales of his other countless fishing trips and world travels. He loved entertaining and was quite good at it. I also flew commercially with Jim; he was a master at negotiating airports. Lines, no such thing in Jim’s travels. More recently, we received a pedicure with a glass of vodka in hand. We attempted three other fishing trips, which Jim’s health prevented. Or, loving wife and nurse Lorene vetoed. His heart was sure into it though. He really wanted to go. Henceforth, every time I drop a line into the water, I will think of Jim and the good times we shared.

  • James M Quist says:

    Humbly, I would like to say that I did not know “Quisty”, but wish I had! I am the other “Jim Quist” that lives in Orinda…and over the time I and my family have lived here, have crossed path with activities related to Quisty & family…for example, we learned to keep the Quisty home phone number in our Rolledex, since someone was frequently trying to reach Jim without a phone number, and had apparently assumed there was only one of us in Orinda!

    Anyway, it would be interesting to compare where our ancesters came from…my grandfather Peter Quist grew up on a large farm (now a national park) in the northern part of Denmark, and migrated to America as a young man in the 1910’s…eventually landing in San Francisco. How about “Quisty”? Any close connection here? No hurry on a response needed…

    Sincerely and with prayers for you on your loss,
    James M. Quist
    Orinda, Ca

  • Carolyn Sertich says:

    JIm was the ultimate nice guy. Always so kind and happy to see you. It was no secret that he was the greatest Dad and Father. It was so clear how much he loved his family. John and I will miss him very much. Love to Lorene, Jamie and Jennifer.

  • Linda Walstad says:

    So sorry to learn of Jim’s passing. The last time I saw him is when my sister Marilyn and I visited Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth on our way to Alaska to see Uncle Joe and Aunt Miriam in 1981 I think. When we were young and lived in Turlock, Ca, we saw the Quist’s more often. I remember Jim and Peter teasing my twin Paula and I, “Now are you Paula or Linda”. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • Duncan Moore says:

    I feel very fortunate to have known the Quist family for almost 30 years now.

    The first time that luck came into play was when my family and I were returning from a road trip to Oregon, and we hit a patch of ice and ended up stuck in a snow bank. In the pre cell phone age, some kind strangers pulled over over to help us, and as fate would have it, it was our friends from Orinda, the Quists!

    I know Jim was very successful in business, and world travel, but for me, his legacy is his family. He loved and supported them, and Jamie has been one of my best friends for decades. So, I will forever be thankful for Jim & Lorene for raising Jamie to be the kind soul he is.

    Best wishes and love to everyone missing Jim.

  • Carol & Bob Riddell says:

    Lorene, Jen and Jamie –

    We are so sorry for your loss and send our deepest condolences.

  • Sugar Filice says:

    We’ve shared so many great times with Lorene & Jim over the years. Gus & I enjoyed their hospitality often both in Orinda & in Bend. We celebrated many holidays together & had fun attending Cal vs. Washington games, traveling, soaking up the sun in Aptos & even visiting the Freedom Meat Locker.

    Jim (& Lorene) always added a warm and enthusiastic dimension to our shared times even when his health wasn’t good. What a team . . . They enriched our lives.

    Since he loved everything about fishing – tying flies, casting & reeling in his catch, we know he’ s walking happily next to a river, rod & reel in hand with a big smile on his face.

  • Marshall Boyd says:

    My Little Brother in Sigma Nu Fraternity. A wonderful, sincere, warm man. Jim lit up the room when he entered.

  • Rich Schneider says:

    In the summer between our junior and senior years of college, fresh out of ROTC summer camp and without jobs, Jim suggested he and I hitchhike across Canada. We started near Vancouver, turned south at Winnipeg, crossed the US and came home up the coast. When we were crossing Nevada, we got picked up by a traveling salesman who asked if one of us would drive while he curled up in the backseat and took a nap. Jim took the wheel and when the salesman was asleep he decided he wanted to see how fast the guy’s station wagon would go on that long, straight desert highway. So, while the salesman slept and I held my breath in the passenger’s seat, he put the petal to the metal and didn’t let up until the speedometer read 110 mph. There were many more exciting things that happened on that trip and I wish Jim was here to talk abut them. He brought a lot of fun to life and he will be missed.

  • Sue Kukuk says:

    Lorene and family, I am so sorry to have read that your husband/father has passed away. Although I didn’t have the opportunity to know him, he had a wonderful life surrounded by people he loved, activities that brought him much joy and happiness. I know your lives will never be the same, without Jim, but May your wonderful memories comfort you and help you in the days ahead.
    Much love and condolences,
    Sue Marugg Kukuk
    Ike classmate of Lorene

  • Sean Sabarese says:

    Dear Lorene, Jen and Jamie- I heard the news today and was saddened by the loss of Jim. I always appreciated he gave me a part time job when I was looking for work. That was the type of guy Jim was, he would help you out when needed. Thinking of you during these difficult times. RIP Jim. Best- Sean Sabarese

  • Adelle (Hermann) Comfort says:

    Jim was such a respected person at West Seattle High School. Jim was on the yell squad when I was a cheerleader. He was always filled with such enthusiasm and team spirit. He was a gentleman at a young age. I am sorry for your loss of such wonderful husband and loving father…..we all new he would be very good at both because he was good at anything he would endeavor. A truly respected man. Lifting you up in prayer.

  • Peter Quist says:

    Brother Jim,

    Just as you lived your life and loved your family, may your new journey continue to…
    “…..throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
    – Mark Twain

    Sail on…………
    Pete Quist